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Well hello!

r: tea-caked by pungafruit

Fundraiser to help a friend with back issues.

ғrιcĸ, ғracĸ, paddy wнacĸ, мan ι'м really вoned.
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Unless stated, no character is available for sale, or trade.

★ Notes are: Business related only
coммιѕѕιonѕ: σρeη | тradeş: ησ | яeqυesтş: ησ


To Do's and Things

Selectively OpenThese prices are updated as of 10/17/2014. 

10$ Soosh / Sushi Dog or Feral based commissions - Soosh are welcomed, as are Lucky Chimes, Waterdogs, etc. The more complicated the character, the more it will cost.

I have pixel icons and I am willing to do some of these for a flat rate of 20$ (Base Price). These are 100x100 in size. 
These are only open in 3 slots availability to keep from killing myself with overwork. 
Please state the size icon you want, and which type (Bubble, Sitting, or Pagedoll, +5$ per extra character)

Icons like these are $9/900:points:
1 Character only
Discount if you order 3+ at half off.
Commission Payment by tea-caked
All points purchases please regard this image for small icons.
If you purchase, please

Commission Payment by tea-caked

Current Working Schedule
Job / Work Schedule
Monday through Friday
7:00am - 5:30pm
Commission Schedule
Monday through Friday
Personal Art Schedule
Saturday - Sunday

1 sushi dog commissions - pungafruit - 2 completed, 1 lined
2 50x50 icons - MidnightMysteryMeow - 2 completed
1 50x50 icon - haIIoween - wip

1 eeray - paid in full - relining
1 kiss - paid in full - sketched
1 nekoi - paid in full - sketched
1 aural - paid / traded for - sketching
1 gelatinies - sketching
1 selachii - sketching
1 bottledog - paid - sketching
1 bauble bab - paid - sketching


This week is the last week I'm offering bases period. 

3 deviants said dA has forced me to sell my work for 1$.
1 deviant said If you want them, you'll have to purchase them on my fA.
No deviants said If you guys don't want it, I won't offer them anymore.
No deviants said You want one, buy it now, because Saturday they're gone.


:icondrgns: :iconlemoncolaa: :iconsamieh: :iconisavi: :iconbreadstiix:

Long Ass Journal

Wed Oct 29, 2014, 4:12 PM
I know you guys probably don't care or are tired of hearing from me, but I have to do a little update here so you guys know. 

I'm going to be closing down commissions unless you can wait until the weekend for me to do any of them. I've been trying when I get home from work, but because it takes me a while to get home (Traffic is abysmal) and because I am so exhausted (And in a lot of physical pain the muscle relaxers only do so much you know?) I find myself unable to concentrate on work. 

So this weekend on Saturday, I'm going to livestream and complete at least three - four commissions. Two icons (One per customer) for sure and one feral. 

I'll start sketching on two other feral commissions I received. I will also work on the final icon for the last customer. I'm sorry I've taken so long with these but with work being as it is and dealing with computer repairs, equipment replacement, etc, it's just really dragged on and now with me working and getting home to only want nothing more than to put netflix on and take a goddamn NAP I just can't think straight. 

Also a little update about base work - I won't be doing bases anymore. Nope, I will not be offering bases for sale anymore here on deviantart. I'm sick of people telling me how expensive three to four hours of my time is when I have it set for 100 - 400 points. I do not live in such a poverty that I will accept this sort of thing, so I'm going to be selling bases only at my fA. If you want them, get an fA, and get a paypal. You can get a paypal by the age of 13-15 because frankly, I had a banking account and a debit card by the age of 15 and that was 12 years ago. It's hardly changed, or you could even buy those damn greendot cards or whatever. 

But either way, I will no longer accept premium purchases on adopt bases after Saturday. Cry about it if you want, but I've received threatening notes, hurtful and hateful comments (Especially some stupid ass that keeps talking about how they'll just copy the image, they commented on my fA not too long ago with the same logic so I know they're trying to troll me and happily, easily blocked them) and plenty of passive aggressive whining and begging about it. 

So, you know, screw it, a'ight? I'll be putting all the bases in storage or just deleting them. So if you bought it, save it. You won't get it back again if you try to claim you bought it and lost the files because I know who all's purchased it, most of them being on fA and happily giving me cash for my bases since, you know, they aren't disrespectful to me and like my work enough to pay me what I rightfully deserve for my commissions, as opposed to whining I don't sell for cheap prices.

You wanna know what 100 points would really get you from me? 
A 5 minute sketch. Basically a stick figure or a lot of scribbles. Because 100 points is translated to 1.00.
My time is 10.00$ an hour. 

You do the math. -shrug- I might offer cheapies here and there but you either pay full price or I just don't care anymore. I'm tired of pandering to teenie tweenies who just want to mspaint ruin art that I've made, I'm tired of feeling like garbage because no one wants to pay me for my work and constantly tells me often that I charge too much. I've blocked several people who said that because frankly, you have no business being on my page then if you think that since I'm running a business, not a charity. 

So z-snap your neck right back to your mommy because this mamajama be done.

To those of you who pay full price and support me that are here, I am thankful for you, and you guys are the only reason why I stay on dA. Otherwise I'd be so done with this place you have no idea. Thank you for constantly reminding me that as an adult dealing with a lot of children who are spoiled little raggamonsters, I don't have to bend over backwards to please anyone. Art is not my career, it's not my "job", it's how I make extra money until I don't have an actual job anymore, but it is my passion and what I love. 

The moment I hate drawing is the moment I quit this site for good - because I think a lot of the people here are enough to make people quit with how rude, selfish, obnoxious, two faced, and disgusting they can be. Ungrateful folks ruin it for everyone guys. 

I want to give a shout out to a few people, actually, who have been nothing but kind and generous to me, and some in which I admire and am thankful for having met. 

hunniebuzz - my first dA commissioner on here during my donation drive to save my cat Lily. Easily one of my favorite feral artists and a sweet person like you would not believe. If not for Hunnie, I never would have gotten anywhere, or even thought to join the SushiDogs community, which helped fund most of my vet visits. 

pungafruit - another of my firsts, also one of my favorite artists, and just an all around amazing person. Pungafruit drew the art of Rosey I proudly display on my front page, I believe you can click it and go to her page, actually. She's amazing and fantastic with beautiful characters and even more beautiful patience. You and Hunnie are amazing. 

ColdIko - A sweetie like you would not believe. She has adorable art, and traded me my very first soosh bab. I have since traded said bab, but I know it's in a better home than what I could give it, and I have something now that is absolutely amazing. It's been a rollercoaster and I just want you to know that if you need anything ever you can hit me up okay? 

And a few artists you guys should check out just because they're amazing aside from those guys? 
WitchKite S4CCH Dragonpunk15 and many more, though they are more frequent on fA.

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tea-caked has started a donation pool!
620 / 8,000
Looking to raise points to get super special adopts someday!

What I would like to get -
Custom Soosh
Nekoi / Custom
Commissions of characters

Do NOT use this to pay for premium content or adoptables, please! This is just for folks who want to be nice and give to a starving artist, haha.

You must be logged in to donate.


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