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Donations - Resells - Please help

Sun Sep 21, 2014, 11:45 AM
So... My cat Lily will not stop throwing up. No matter what we do, no matter what kind of kibble we give her, she throws it up immediately. She won't stop eating it super fast and she throws up. Not only that, right now, after the food's been up out of her reach for hours, she just horked up all over my room lots of white fluid. 

I'm afraid because my grandmother refuses to listen to me and not drop her pills all over the floor and not pick them up because she can't be bothered to clean up her own messes, one of my cats has managed to get one and it's one of the white pills, which means it could be killing her. I don't know what all my grandmother takes, I know she has diabetes medication, her heart medication, and a bunch of useless vitamins she pretends are working to help make her feel better (I find cinnamon capsules burst open on my floor all the time, it stains my carpet and it looks like one area has a murder)

Because it's Sunday, I can't take her anywhere. If I took her to the emergency clinic, my grandfather would refuse because he took the only vehicle we have. It's bad enough my cousin is here bringing up all sorts of scary as hell situations that have put me in a panic attack because he likes thinking of scenarios to how she'd die since I caught him stealing from me the last few years.

Not only that, I don't really have the money to take her to a vet, but I have to if I don't want them to put her down like they did Tinker in February. I just literally fought with my grandfather about it because of the obvious resentment they had for the cat and how much they would just do bare minimum and wanted the poor thing to die. They're stubborn and never listen to me. I told them what we should do, but I could never raise the funds or get them to help me with it to do it, so she basically starved to death and died after all of her teeth fell out and her kidneys just failed her. She was part Siamese so she had the larger head and we had to use wet food. 

My family wanted her gone, really, they liked her as a convenience when she was laying on them, but otherwise she was nothing but a burden to them and they made sure that she knew it. 

Not only that, my mother broke her car again so they took my truck to her so she could drive it - I have to ride with one of them if I take Lily anywhere now, so I'll have to get an earful about how much I spend on the cats and blah de blah because I pay for just about everything for myself. Had I known that Lily was going to get sick, I wouldn't have purchased anything and pushed for commissions or something more so I could have more funds. No one's buying my resells, which are listed here which could pay for at least a third if not more of whatever costs I might have for this.

I love Lily, she and Beau are my life, the only things in my life that give me physical contact every day and morning, that unconditionally love me and make me feel loved in this hell hole of a house, and she's in pain and throwing up like crazy and I'm scared they'll kill her, too and I can't handle that and I don't know what to do. I don't have much money at all, just enough for my bills for the next few months, I haven't heard back from any of my jobs, I can't really ask for more commissions because I owe so much to the point that doing free art puts me in a guilt trip, even if it's just to make myself feel better or because I'm inspired. I have a back log of art that I haven't finished or touched of my own because I feel so terrible. 

I don't know what to do; I hate asking for donations to cover the vet costs but I have really no choice right now. I don't know how much it'll be, the last visit was around 375$ when I took them to get flea prevention and worm medication, but the medicine was cheap/they weren't groomed or anything. They'll need their shots updated, and most likely dewormer again or something, I don't know, the vets out here like to try and get as much done in one shot as possible. 

I guess all I can do is ask for help. I need these guys to function - if I had the money to be properly diagnosed by a shrink to have the damn paperwork, I'd already have them certified as service animals. I've had people witness to how much they literally mean to me (The world, quite literally they're on the same level as my closest friends and family) and I am unable to function when away from them too long due to severe panic attacks and anxiety. 

I have a paypal debit card, so whatever's sent to Paypal is literally immediately available for me. 

Donate Here

I've never used this feature so please bare with me. I'm still trying to figure things out here with paypal as I've - I only ever ask for donations when things are critical, it's been three years since I've asked for things at all aside from basic commissions and anything that was necessary. I want to compensate everyone but I can't do it if donations are under 20$. I just can't, I'll have too much on my plate to refund every 2$ amount. 

I don't know how much it'll be, and if I receive far more than I need, I will refund donations that are over what's necessary back to the donation givers - I don't want to hold onto cash under any false pretenses and I don't want people to think I'm begging for free money. 

I'm so emotionally drained right now, just, ugh, this is turning out into a mess.
Feel free to ignore this journal if you think I'm just asking for handouts or if you have something nasty to say about it, I really can't deal with that right now thanks to the panic attack my cousin has put me through (I hate him so much I wish he'd grow up already) and want absolutely no drama at all. I will hide and block anyone who starts that. 

And before anyone says 'why don't you get a job?' I'm going to go ahead and say don't bother, because I've been trying and have six applications I was supposed to drop off tomorrow but now can't because my mother can't do anything for herself and demands my grandparents take care of everything for her. :D

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